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Roots & Resonance is a journey into the unknown for me. I am excited to feel the rocks, roots and soft pine needles of the forest beneath my feet, as this is the birthing-place of my vision for this web presence (many walks through local ancient woodland have brought life to this vision, on screen and off!). I began with a blog, which explains and shares more about my perspectives, healing quests and inspirations. Below I share parts of my story and inspirations for this website & my offerings to you. 


This project is an organic being, one that will flow and adapt as I do. The people who come to seek what I offer or to share their work will also shape it's becoming. I am now more outwardly embracing my 20-years of practicing as Seer, a role I am reclaiming as it appeared to me in drum-vision during my solo wilderness fast in July. The words that felt connected to it for me were "to vision from the heart, seeing the truth beneath the surface." I am letting this fresh insight percolate and be expressed, like trying on old skin in a new form. The ancient concept of a Seer, defined by the OED:


"A person of supposed supernatural insight who sees visions of the future."

My preferred personification or definition of this term is in the Wild Wood Tarot book:

 "...She stands at the heart of an inner personal universe and can mediate that knowledge and help to externalise this energy into power, wisdom or creative endeavour in the material world."

- Mark Ryan & John Matthews


I have recently, as of April 2019, completed my two years of Ancient Ways Practitioner Training at the beautiful Anam Cara Retreat Centre in Inverness, Scotland. This is infusing my path with both familiar and new experiences; of how being in contact with the wild self though the spirit of the land, as well as the body & bones of the land, supported by timeless Teachings and community - opens up the unexpected! 


I practice cross-cultural animism - also known more commonly as Shamanism; focusing on commonly practiced universal techniques found all over the globe (with obvious cultural variations). I am infusing these with my own story, revelations and connection with land, spirit and soul. I feel pulled deeper into the timeless and ancient stories of ancestors and my connections here in Northern England and beyond (I have some knowledge of my bloodline ancestry: Northern English, Scottish and Germanic roots). I am inspired by Celtic, Northern European, Germanic and British-Isles Shamanism, Heathenry and Pagan traditions. I also love to read around and immerse within wider global shamanic traditions and the wisdom of indigenous peoples. This passion came to me most vividly during a trip to the Amazon, in Ecuador, in 2011.


In the evolving visions of my path, I feel called to revive the lost and wounded self-colonised traditions of the land I come from, whilst supporting the wisdom, freedom and rights of indigenous cultures all over the world e.g. Native Americans and Amazonian Indians. If we join together, in our varying expressions of the sacred, the Earth and all her/their beings will thrive and heal from the combined power of our differences and our synchronicities.

A note on the "witch wound and liminality": seeds of inspiration and journeying

The "witch wound" (a concept I  have borrowed from this incredible podcast on Mythic Medicine) of the Isles of Britain and much of Europe is undoubtedly present in the psyche or spirit of most people whose heritage and family of origins descend from these lands. I sometimes feel lost, disconnected, alone in my practice and beliefs, but also in that most recently I learn to accept the many pleasures of being and feeling liminal! I am a Queer non-binary female (she/her), and despite some early connection to Wicca in my teens and dabbling with occultism & paganism over many years, my marginality even in these circles has felt pronounced for me (often with as an example - strong binary hetero-normative ideas and stories, that to me are only a part of a much bigger story of human and "other-than-human" experience - to borrow a concept from Bill Plotkin's amazing friend-of-a-book: Soul Craft). However, I am tapping into the veins of Queer  / LGBTQ+ spirituality, and true diversity of race, skin colour and neurodiversity - for example - in innovative wilderness skills / soul work, bushcraft, herbalism and paganism. There is always more space for these elements to be known and present. I am also humble and open, nervous and curious, in knowing that as a privileged white person with undoubted colonising / white spremicist-supporting ancestors - I can stand corrected, and need to listen and research, to inform myself of all-too-easy appropriation of cultural and sacred practice. I welcome constructive conversation on this, whilst I also find balance (likely life-long!) in what can be revived, re-formed and shared from personal ancestry, spirit-connection and land. To read more about how I attempt to embed this intention into my Readings Service (and into wider community events and gatherings) click here.


I see more and more inspiring stories from Wounded Healer-companions and change-markers, activists and healers that bring the gifts of the marginal to light in their unique creative ways. THIS is where the rich soil and strong roots and colourful germinations inspire me to live the Healer Path, as I also continue to walk it: not alone. I am also seeking collaboration - online & offline, to co-create workshops, events, ceremony, discussion, podcasts and media.

My day-to-day adventures & roles

I live in the lush green valleys and gorges of The Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, in the North of the UK. Alongside my Seer-ing, I am an Environmental Educator & Eco-Consultant, currently working in schools using permaculture and organic wildlife-friendly gardening techniques for nature connection in inner-city schools. I am a lover of plants as an ecological Gardener. Plants keep me humble and buzzing with hedge witchery, homegrown vegetables, herbal medicine & teachings and wild foraging. I share my inspirations here in my blog and also regularly on my instagram feed. Thank you for stopping by and if any of this resonates - do get in contact or find me on social media!

Sarah Fay x

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