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Here, all are welcome to be SeekerRoots and Resonance is an evolving, organic journey into the deeper, liminal places where the human spirit, soul and body inter-weave with the wild, the land, the "other-than-human" worlds. 


AUTUMN 2019: This website is currently under-going a seasonal change! Apologies, as much of the content is now out of date and will be updated very soon. Below is a flier for my next Seasonal Circle Gathering, to enquire about this or book your place please email. For more up to date information please see my Facebook page for the latest workshops, Circle Gatherings & posts until my website is given the creative and navigational overhaul required. 


I can promise a new visual format, with less text, more intuitive menus and some fascinating local and seasonal folklore alongside some new offerings locally and beyond! The readings section is also going through some changes, so is temporarily unavailable. However, if you would like a one-to-one reading, please email me to organise this to suit your schedule and finances. 

Warmest wishes,

Sarah Fay

Ancient Ways Practitioner & Seer

Guided ancient practices & nature connection and inclusive ceremony

Grounded within local landscape & seasonal lore

"...And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul!" -unknown

All Roots & Resonance spaces invite and celebrate the wildness in all: women, non-binary femmes, trans-women, men, trans-men, queer people, gender non-conforming people, LGBTQI+, those of varied spiritual-religious beliefs / backgrounds, people of colour, people of mixed heritage, solitary practitioners / witches / healers / activists / seekers of all kinds, neurodiverse individuals, varied abilities..and the open and curious of all walks of life. I welcome questions, requests and any suggestions that may enhance personal and collective experience: including access requirements, seating arrangements, sensory awareness and the provision of break-out / quiet spaces

Divination Readings

From a Professional Seer

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