Notes on my approach to Readings & what you can expect from working with me


LATEST UPDATE AUTUMN 2019: This part of my website is being updated significantly, and the Readings section is therefore temporarily unavoidably whilst I review content. If you would like to enquire about a Norse Rune or Tarot Card reading with me, please email for a personalised consultation to suit your needs & budget. 


As Seer, I let the Cards, Runes, divination medium or trance consciousness accessing Spirit, work through me. I use cross-cultural Shamanic methods, those connected to the land I reside in and my personal ancestry (Northern European, Celtic, British Isles-Shamanism) or shared with me by Teachers - with their express permissionI receive symbols, messages, images and guidance based on the methods I am working with. This is not a therapy, though it can indeed be deeply therapeutic. I believe the cards and my work with them facilitates YOUR journey, your decisions, and how the story continues for you. In the outcome and results you are entirely responsible. The process is designed to empower your path.


Online / remote / distance readings can be as satisfying and as hugely perspective-shifting as readings performed at a stall table or candle-lit festival corner. To some of us, receiving such service online / remotely is much more comfortable and in many cases more possible than in person. I infuse each experience with my expertise and evolution as Seer. I am excited to meet people from all over the globe in this work, grateful for the web-weaving.


I make Readings accessible, clear and practically applicable to modern issues - with a healthy dose of story-telling, symbolism and intuitive workings to bring spirit alive! There is no need for your prior knowledge of divination / Tarot. 


My values as a Seer (and in all parts of my life) inspire me to create a safely-held, warm space for folk of all genders, ages, backgrounds, races, cultures, sexual orientations, religions, abilities and neurodiversity and more. I welcome open, respectful, non-violent dialogue around these matters and others I may not have considered or encountered. 


All readings and communication between myself (Seer) and the Querent are confidential and conducted with respect for the values I refer to above. I am passionate about making work with Spirit, nature connection & soul-centric work accessible to all, particularly marginalised groups. I am a Queer, non-binary female (she/her) working on my personal healing journey, as well as offering gifts and skills as Healer, some of which I share here, on my blog and instagramCheck out my "Card & Rune A Day" posts on social media for taster of my style and wider interests. 

Journey well!

Sarah Fay x

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