NorsRune Readings: Origins & Offerings

This form of reading uses the most ancient form of Germanic Norse Runes: the Elder Futhark, used pre-9th century. For each reading I use hand-crafted wooden runes, made from the fallen branch of a 2000 year old yew tree, each rune hand-burnt in ceremony. Scroll down to go straight to my offerings & prices.


A little history & lore: these symbols are visible in the etymological roots of the written language adopted by Germanic peoples and in the creation of the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, contributing to the written English language used today. The roots of the 24 runes are deep within their original intent; the magic woven by the Norse Ancestors, used as symbolic talismans of power and divination - Seers, Witches and Shamans - would cast the runes to provide guidance, omens and power for communities and individuals. Odin hung on Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, sacrificing one eye to receive their potent wisdom. The ancient rune poems sing of their gifts... 

Their preservation in pre-medieval manuscript has meant that those who feel their magnetic pull, particularly in the Northern hemisphere, can keep their ancestral wisdom alive, whilst adapting them to modern (often timeless) human challenges. I share them with reverence for their origins (within my germanic ancestral roots), as they make their home in a diverse human world. I first came to divination through a chance encounter with them, at the tender age of 14, just before the Tarot called to me a year later...

What will a Norse Rune Reading offer you? 


Timeless and intuitive, a Rune Reading will offer you clarity, vision and heed warnings to allow for an evolutionary, self-empowered journey. Smaller castings can complement larger (Tarot / Rune) Readings perfectly, often adding an archetypal quality or a clear message when a difficult decision is brewing. A Norse Rune reading includes:


  • all pre-reading emailed discussion for customisation; 

  • for all voice / video calls: a full-colour reference sheet .pdf and a downloadable audio file;

  • for emailed Readings: a full colour photographed .pdf write-up of your reading, inclusive of background cultural & ancestral runic lore, hand prepared for your keepsake;

  • as always, the options to ask me questions or seek clarification after the reading.

As always, a low-income option is available for those who require a reading, but do not have suitable income for the full price (please email to briefly explain why you request a low-income reading). 

3-Rune Casting The 3 Norns: Past, Present, Future (only available as a tag-on to Tarot Readings / in combination with larger Rune Castings) - for clear vision, specific simple questions and archetypal summary of your circumstances - see meaning and your role in the next step of your journey. The Fates tell us that we each weave our pathway, inter-connected with those we influence. They support our journey onwards...An excellent companion available with all online Readings for only £15.00 as email or video call (up to 20 minutes extra)

6-Rune Casting: for expansion and energetic clarity - to explore the inter-connected pathways of not only where we come from on a matter, but the heart and spirit of the issues surrounding it. An excellent casting for informing you on how things really are and where you need to focus your energy at this time. A specific question can be asked, or you can let the runes decide...£40 by email / £45.00 for video or voice call (up to 40 minutes)

9-Rune Casting: for the wider web of more complex, life-changing or as yet "foggy" situations - a reading to explore, delve deep and conclude with a stronger sense of purpose and personal vision. We can discuss the ancient symbolism of each rune and how their timeless messages apply to your life today. Meet 9 out of 24 of these beautiful hand-made Runes, have them photographed in your own personalised handout and feel their ancient connection resonate into your life - perhaps also your dreams! £50.00 by email / £60.00 for video or voice call (up to 60 minutes)

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