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Animal Bones, Be Free

All that matters

In the clatter and noise of metal and concrete

Is to take quiet time to unfurl

Like the spring fern

Soft newborn green

Spiral to the rising sun

To walk the deer treads at dawn

Be amongst the beasts

And riverflow

Therein, your soul glows

Waiting silently at first

Vibrating with the sensuous ebb and flow of day

Into night, of human -

Into animal -

Into essence

The deer-walked path evermore fragrant

Until the busy concrete sounds are echo

Of a life in which -

You were a ghost to yourself

Feel enraptured

In love

Nothing can contain your small bones

The vast beating presence in the cage of flesh


Hear the song

The rhythm pulsing in your veins

Let it take you deeper

Deeper, into the forest

Your animal bones know the way

Be free.

In honour of the coming Beltane Fire Sun, the unfurling: April 2018. And of meeting a new woodland sitting place, lying amongst deer-trods and spiral-ferns and waking bluebells.

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