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Eclipse Season: Blood Moon Reading

A little late posting, but not in terms of influence - this intense energy is likely to play out for some time in the global / personal spheres - at least a couple of weeks. We are in the shadow of the recent Blood Supermoon Eclipse on the 21st. A cumulative energy that began 2 weeks ago during the New Moon Solar eclipse, now gathering momentum for whatever we need to release from revealing our truth now! A time for cleansing, purging, letting go - to allow the light to shine - and with Leo involved it doesn't all have to be epic; be sure to take some recharge time to play, rest and (health-fully) indulge! For a 20 minute in-depth Tarot & Runic exploration of the current energies upon us and how they may manifest for you - see my recent video below:

Like my style?! Seeking how this energy specifically may play out in your life, or working through some dreams / questions & shifts? Book an online (video call / personalised emailed booklet) or in-person reading with me to bring grounding, clarity and insight - for options see my Readings Service pages. I wish you a smooth ride on the eclipse waves!

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