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Poems and woodland kin

Flash of gold -

You come like sudden flame

I feel the dark, chill,

Melt into sundown

Into trees illuminated -

Where I thought I saw

A moving figure

Made of soft, velvet fur


And bone.

I am there,

In one fleeting moment -


Are here.

My heart like a drum

Taught, with longing

My woodland kin.

Golden oak veins

Spider silouhette

Succumb to soft moss

Between open birch limbs

Nestled like a basking lover

Sprawled, warm, satisfied


I feel my spirit come home -

Into flesh warmed

By autumnal pleasure

Of ripening fruits

Misty dawn

Surrender -

I will,

As I think of you -

All nourishment to worms and root,

And soil-curled flowers of love, decorating bones in sleep

The Autumn Equinox circle

Where we laid you to rest with the liminal

In this story and others -

I feel my animal self returning

Carrying Death, Love, Life

In the sweetness of the forbidden revealed -

The juice and crunch of apple flesh,

The witness-song of survival tap-tapping -

Of woodpecker searching oak

Of spirit keening the comfort

Webbed, as wild knowing

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