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Tender Emergence

The earth is being warmed by the early Spring Awakening sunshine. The past few days have felt like brave emergence. The seeds and shoots and buds responding to the growing light and warmth. The change in birdsong. I've had the pleasure of lying on soft mossy rocks in the afternoon sun, noticing snowdrops and crocuses and dug up garlic shoots by hungry badgers...the gestation becomes new life. What lies beneath becomes visible. Still with the unknown of possible cold ahead, gentleness is needed. And the knowledge that new growth can be painful, messy and filled with vulnerability at first! Be tender with emergence now, tend and encourage the sap to rise whilst acknowledging the cycles of rest, healing and potential still with the season. Where does this resonate in your body, mind and life now? What needs tending and what still lies quietly beneath the surface? What feels sensitive and vulnerable, yet pregnant with possibility, eros and growth?!

This poem, shared at my last Seasonal Circle, is written in honour of integrating these themes:

Seed: I dream you As you gestate in the warm mulch Of all the year's decay and memory

I dream of you - Your single focus on life As your insides spill out In a sudden explosion Like entrails and undoing

Your emergence once tightly woven Un-woven Un-bound Freed

Your birthing - Pain or pleasure?

I do not know your feelings But I witness your emergence From the deep bones of Earth and skeletal leaves From the beetle-homes and worm-food You become the tender green

Kissing the sun light Wooed by waning moon The enduring life force That lives to be dreamed In all beings

Sarah Fay Starfire, Imbolc 2019

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