Tarot & Card Readings

Online / remote options - for those who aren't local to me or prefer accepting a reading in the comfort of their own surroundings, anywhere in the world! The below pricing is for one-to-one online and remote services only, inclusive of:


  • a personalised full-colour document, recording your reading & information about the Cards (for email option); 

  • preparatory email interview (to customise the reading to your requirements) prior to reading; 

  • and with space afterwards for follow-up questions / clarifications; 

  • all video / voice call options provide an .mp3 / .mp4 audio recording of your reading for you to keep;

  • alongside a full-colour photographic-reference sheet .pdf file of your Reading, to complement the audio.

Clarifying 4-cards: by email, with customised photographic .pdf file: £30.00 / by video or voice call £35.00

To explore the heart of the matter, the circumstances prevailing, to even help find the question - or for a clear sense of direction when needing to move fast or feeling conflicted by possibilities. This is especially helpful following or even preceding, a more in-depth reading. Also a great first-time reading to get to know my style. This session lasts up to 30 minutes (by video / voice call). Book this.

Expansive 6 cards: by email, with customised photographic .pdf file: £40 / by video or voice call £45.00

To bring more detail into matters - situations where the path is not clear, but may also have other factors to contend with. When you feel something bigger is happening and wish to explore or need more expansive details on how to proceed. This session is up to 40 minutes (by video / voice call). Book this.

In-depth 10-cards: by email, with customised photographic .pdf file: £50.00 / by video or voice call: £60.00

This reading is recommended where an overview is required into the present, past or roots of a situation, followed by more depth with external influential factors / relationships and the likely lessons that await. This reading is up to an hour in length, with plenty of space for conversation, clarification and if willing - to learn more about the cards too. Book this.

To customise your reading - as this is possible and often beneficial when specific subjects or questions are raised - please see Customised & Blended Readings for more guidance. 

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