Liz, Pontypridd, Wales

"I have been honoured to know Sarah for many years and to have had a number of Tarot readings from her-she is incredibly accurate, very intuitive and the experience is not one to be missed! I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking advice or guidance from Tarot - she really is amazing!"

Sarah, Northumbria, UK

"I have had a number of readings and found them to be both insightful and supportive in times when I've felt lack of direction or overwhelmed by a situation. Sarah has integrity and awareness. She is both sensitive to the vulnerability of the human condition and aware of its potential. I trust both the space of sharing she offers, and the insight gained from it."

Sophie, West Yorkshire, UK

"Thank you so much, I feel huge gratitude...renewed, so much softer and more connected than when I arrived [to a Seasonal Circle Gathering]. I was really held by the space created and felt like I should have been doing that all my life - it felt very natural and like reconnecting to something integral that has been neglected."


Lorraine, West Yorkshire, UK

"Sarah has a beautiful healing energy that made the Circle very powerful. Thank you."


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